• New Season Starting Sep 10th!

    August 19, 2017

    Calling all teams and free agents, the new season starts Sep 10 !

    Spots are filling fast, so don't delay!

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  • League Champions for Spr/17 Extended Season (ES)

    June 26, 2017

    Canada Chiefs take the A-Division Championship

    Canada Chiefs Championship pic
    Canada Chiefs win A-Division (ES) with a total of 170 goals, 34 points and 17 wins.
    Canada Chiefs are 10 Time Winner of this League!!

    Park Rangers narrowly grab the B-Division Championship

    Park Rangers B-Division Champions
    Park Rangers win B-Division with a total of 110 goals, 23 points and 11 wins.

    Grease Unit wins C-Division Championship

    Grease Unit C-Division Champions
    Grease Unit wins C-Division with a total of 60 goals, 7 points and 3 wins.
  • A Championship

    June 17, 2017

    Two best-in-class teams, the Nine Inch Males and Canada Chiefs faceoff for the A Div Championship games.

    Nine Inch Males have come to be feared and respected by all teams in the league, as they have created an ultra high performing team. NIM finished first in A Div regular, with 14 wins, and the lowest GAA of 2.53. The Canada Chiefs won 13 regular season games and shine brightest with GA of 138. In head-to-head, NIM won the first game 7-2, and Chiefs won the second game 6-4.

    This championship could go either way and we look forward to some entertaining hockey!

  • B Championship

    June 17, 2017

    B Division - by far the closest games, Park Rangers squeaked through the semi-finals finishing with two, too-close-for-comfort, OT wins against a determined Puck Off! team. The Guys synched their semis with a close win against the North Shore Indians in OT.

    Park Rangers, finished B Division with best GAA of 5.0, and second place GF of 86, compared to North Shore Indians' 96 GF. The Guys, in comparison, have second best GAA of 5.93, third for GFs at 74. More importantly, The Guys, almost took NIM, with an OTL, while Park Rangers couldn't keep up. In head-to-head Park Ranger beat The Guys, 6-5 in OT. This championship will be hard-fought and this could easily go to either team.

  • C Division Championship Summary

    June 17, 2017

    Grease Unit and Snipers put on three superb games in truly close competition. Grease Unit tookthe first game of the championship with a 6-4 win.

    In the second of three games, Snipers, keen for payback, shutdown G-Units' sharp offense while grinding in a 3-2 win.

    After a quick rest, both teams were back to decide the winner of C Championship. Close to the end, Grease Unit was able to take the lead, and win the division 4-3. Congratulations !

    A very special thank you to Seymour's Pub for the generous sponsorship this season, and $60 gift card that went to the winner of C Division.

  • Playoff New Arrival

    June 17, 2017

    Lets' make that save!

    Playoffs Have Arrived Just in Time for Summer !

    We've had an epic season, and an impressive display of talent from every team. Since, the regular games for extended season have concluded: the league has split into A, B and C divisions. The extended season playoffs are best-of-three.

    A Division - has had great competition, and Nine Inch Males, Canada Chiefs, Black Aces and the Seymour Pub Hawks placed top in the league.

    NIM won regular season with an almost perfect streak. NIM's skilled defense will be a challenge to the Seymour Pub Hawks' lineup of sharpshooters. The key to this series, will be creating consistent pressure to force a mistake and create those scoring opportunities.

    Canada Chiefs are a skilled team that has a unique way of moving the competition out of position through impressive passing plays. This matchup against Black Aces, a team that has tirelessly worked it's way back into A Division, will be a test of who can control the pace through both halves.

    B Division - has the closest matched teams in league history, and it was difficult to place teams in the upper or lower bracket. This division consists of Park Rangers, The Guys, North Shore Indians and Puck Off!

    Even though some key players are out for injury this season, the Park Rangers have shown consistent play and lead B Div in defensive ability. Puck Off! has built up the team over the last few seasons and has good chemistry that will test the defensive abilities of the Park Rangers.

    The Guys are an extremely hard-working team that has risen to be a top contender for B Div. In fact, they surprised NIM in a mixed-division game, that resulted in The Guys finishing with a 6-5 OT loss. Competing against The Guys, the North Shore Indians, a new team to the league have strong passing, and dominated B Div with most goals during regular season.

    C Division - Snipers were a close shave from B Div and have progressively become a solid team. Grease Unit (or G-Unit), returns this season with offensive and defensive play that has matched the Snipers in each of the head-to-head games.

  • Minimum Games, Maximum Competition

    May 28, 2017

    NSBHA Hockey Day in Canada

    Just a reminder that, to qualify for the playoffs, a player must have 6 regular season games. Let us know if you need player eligibility checked before 12pm this Sunday.

    Any outstanding fees must be settled before stepping inside the gym.

  • Phenomenal Five Hundred!

    May 15, 2017

    Congratulations to our newest member of North Shore Ball Hockey's 500 Club !

    Malcolm is an integral part of the league, assisting in league decisions, leading as captain and assistant captain, and as a dedicated player.

    It's no wonder Malcolm pushed past 500, leading in all-time assists; and, this success attests to the exceptional effort and quality of play Malcolm brings to the league and team sports.

    Congratulations Malcolm !!

  • May 07, 2017

    Grease Unit forfeits the 7:30pm game against Nine Inch Males tonight (May 7).

    Park Rangers forfeit the first game against Puck Off! at 3:30 today (May7). Rest of the games are a go!

  • May 14th Off and Season Extended by One

    April 23, 2017

    The results are in and the vast majority asked for May 14th off, and to extend the season by one week. For those two teams that voted to keep the season shorter, please send in your time requests now in order to keep the playoffs more competitive. Thank you to all who took the survey!